New Product Line

We are happy to share that we are now the current reps for Litetronics!

Litetronics was founded in 1970 and has been finding innovative ways to make lighting easier to install, look better and last longer and more efficiently since. Located in Chicago IL, transit time for material is quick for us in Wisconsin.

Contact us today for a quote or to order a sample!

How Lighting Can Save Money?
LED RetroFit Lighting can help save money.
As an arctic chill grips much of the country, home heating costs are
soaring. The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts they could spike as much as 32 percent this winter. That could increase even more if temperatures continue to drop below the current forecast.  1/5/18

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Our Vendors Who Offer LED RetroFit Kits

New Product Line

We are happy to announce we are the new reps for Fidelux! Call us today to see a sample or get  a quote. Fidelux is proud to be a woman-led and minority-owned business with assembly and employees located right here in the United States. Fidelux means “Trusted Light” in Latin. Our clients’ trust in the quality of our LED products extends beyond our near flawless success rate of 99.99%, ten-year product warranties, and Design Light Consortium listings. Go to their website and check out all the products including a color turning flat panel or their Quick Ship program!

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New Product Line

Pemco Lighting Products has been designing and manufacturing high quality lighting fixtures, poles, and accessories for over one hundred and thirty-five years. The company was first started as "The Philadelphia Electrical Manufacturing Company" - "PEMCO" - in 1882 and for over 100 years was a diverse manufacturer of a broad range of lighting fixtures and poles, for both indoor and outdoor use.